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“Greece Has a Winter Too”

At the end of December 2021, the “Greece Has a Winter Too” #GreeceDoesHaveAWinter campaign was launched in Greece. It's time we found necessary to show the winter colors of Greece, which has always been considered an exclusively summertime beach destination. Who knows better than us all about the charm and roughness of a winter escape in Greece? Now we'll tell you everything!

In winter Greek villages with stone houses, thermal lakes, rivers and forests can look totally different! Even the food is changing. The traditional Greek salad gives way to hot and spicy seasonal dishes. A warm rakomelo by the fireplace will make you forget about beach cocktails. There are dozens of ski resorts. For the Greeks, this is a popular activity in winter, and on weekends the slopes usually become very busy. Some resorts built on beautiful landscapes can easily be compared to European mountain ones, though size and number of tracks for advanced and professionals unfortunately, can differ quite a bit. Greece is certainly not a highland country and consequently the snow season here is short and unstable.

Winter In Greece
Winter In Greece

Logistics is often another snag, too. If we offer a nice, cool villa in a mountain area, taking you to the ski slope is a whole new task. Transfer to the slops is usually not provided - after all the Greeks prefer to drive their own cars! . It is very easy to guess that worries about transfers will fall either on you or on us. Yes, there are local companies that provide trekking and ski tourism services, but you should not really count on them for high level of services and even they'll provide it, it will be at a rather high cost. The number of luxury hotels is indeed very limited. Simplicity and authenticity are the style of Greek winter resorts. Therefore, the equipment of ski rentals is rather modest. It is no possible to find COLMAR, BOGNER and other famous skiwear brands. But of course, Greek Escape has other interesting winter activities to offer besides skiing! We will gladly take you to thermal springs, to rafting areas , to famous and mostly unknown wineries. We can book an excellent wellness spa hotel, for example, in the Peloponnese, which btw, was awarded the Conde Nast Awards Readers' Choice, something we wrote about in our last post. In general, Greek winter tourism is suitable for adventurers, romantics, lovers of nature and photography, wine aficionados and people who simply love life. At this time, you will get to know the local flavor and traditions in the best possible way, while the northern winds blowing from the Aegean Sea will provide an excellent opportunity to visit either islands with beautiful sunsets and iconic monasteries, or authentic mountain villages. You might prefer to simply enjoy Athenian sights without being surrounded by a large crowd of people.


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