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Greek premium handmade cigars

Mark Twain once quoted “If there are no cigars in heaven, I shall not go”.

Telling you about luxury in Greece, we have to mention Greek premium handmade cigars.

Created over 10 years ago by two brothers, the “Vamma del Sol” brand have already become almost the only one in Europe able to offer such an exclusive product.

An oriental-type large-leaf tobacco variety was chosen specifically for the terroir of the Pella fields, where production is located.

After harvesting, the leaves are left to dry up to 3 years. Then the cigars are rolled and allowed to mature for a period varying from 6 months to a year. In the beginning, tobacco was sent to South America for testing where local connoisseurs rated as a premium one.

One of the main differences between the Greek cigars and the Cuban or the American ones is that the first manage to maintain all the flavor, while being less strong at the same time. The second difference from all other brands is that thanks to knowledge, effort, microclimate and terroir, it’s now possible to create a biologically friendly and pure product - without the addition of chemical substances of any kind.

Greek premium handmade cigars. Testing tour.
Greek premium handmade cigars. Testing tour.

Greek Escape Luxury Travel will help you arrange all the necessary transfers for cigar tasting right at the tobacco facilities throughout the year. During the trip, you will learn about the climate in which tobacco is grown and the ways cigars are rolled, you will try original flavors in a hospitable and cozy atmosphere and decide your own preferences. And of course, you can buy premium cigars directly from the production premises!

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