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Underwater museums in Greece!

The first underwater museum in Greece opened in 2020 and is named the Parthenon of Shipwrecks.

Underwater museums in Greece

This Site invites amateur divers (always accompanied by a professional certified diver) to explore a 5th century B.C. shipwreck at a depth of 25 meters with over 3,000 amphorae.

Beyond the endless praise of bohemian island life on social networks, travelers who love outdoor activities often tend to miss such unique opportunities!

Underwater museums in Greece

The Greek Ministry of Culture announced the opening of three more underwater museums, like the aforementioned!

The Greek Ministry of Culture announced the opening of three more underwater museums

Four sites with centuries-old treasures are part of the ongoing dive park. These shipwrecks and boats are located in rather shallow water, from three to fifteen meters making it easy for even beginners to visit them (always complying to safety rules).

the opening of three more underwater museums

Discovered in 1985, the Alonissos Underwater Museum boasts one of the largest shipwrecks of the Classical era (425-420 BC). This 30-meter-long commercial vessel, likely Athenian, met its fate near Peristera islet. Theories suggest a storm or onboard fire caused the sinking. Carrying 3,000 amphorae (wine jars) marked "ΛΥ," it offers a glimpse into ancient trade routes and practices. The sheer number of intact finds makes this shipwreck a landmark of maritime archaeology, earning it the nickname "The Parthenon of Shipwrecks."

Greek Escape Luxury Travel can help you organize individual vacations for families and groups who prefer active holidays instead of the ordinary ones. The development of diving tourism is an ongoing big step for the country, especially bearing in mind that these are the only museums of this kind in Greece.

Underwater museums in Greece

According to the Ministry of Tourism, this will contribute to prolonging the tourist season beyond the traditional summer months.

Underwater museums in Greece

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