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Why are vacations on a villa better than staying in a hotel?

Best luxury villas in Greece
Vacation on a Villa

Of course, it all depends on the individual needs and preferences of each traveler.

But let's draw from our many years of experience.

It's hard to argue that a villa offers a higher level of privacy. It is often quite crucial for our guests. Additionally, you have more personal space. A private pool means you don't have to worry about strangers taking your favorite spot on the sun loungers. Imagine a luxurious landscape, silence, and no one around the pool except for you!

Rent villa in Greece
Luxurious landscape and silence.

For couples seeking solitude and comfort, this is the perfect option. Spacious bedrooms, guest rooms, nanny quarters, security cottages, parking – it's all there.

We'll take care of arranging transfers or excursions with a personal guide. Spa treatments come to you; there's no need to go anywhere. The fitness center, if available, is always empty and exclusively for you!

Spa treatments on your Villa in Greece
Spa treatments come to you.

The price range is very wide. The most expensive villas are, of course, by the sea.

But practically all bedrooms or balconies offer a good view in any villa.

Bedrooms offer a good view on Villa
Bedrooms offer a good view

Nevertheless, such vacations often cost less than equivalent stays in prestigious hotels! Especially if you're staying for more than a week. This is important for families with children or groups of friends who want to feel more comfortable and free.

Luxurious Villas in Greece
Luxurious Villas in Greece

Your guests can come and go as you please. Not to mention noisy late-night parties or poolside bachelorettes. Or other family events you might want to host. Any day, you can arrange an individual photo session against the backdrop of a fantastic sunset with our photographer.

fantastic sunset on your villa
Fantastic sunset

The fact that villas are often located in more secluded places compared to hotels is another plus. This makes for an even more authentic vacation. You'll quickly and deeply immerse yourself in the local culture.

Private chef on villa
Private chef

And we'll find you a private chef with a team who will cook their own dishes and cocktails for you, according to your choice. You'll feel more independent from schedules and timetables. And you'll be able to fully enjoy your journey and relax.

Rent your Villa in Greece with Us.
Rent your Villa in Greece with Us.

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