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Unveiling Athens' Rooftop Gems: A Journey Through Cityscapes and Cocktails

Greek Escape Luxury Travel presents the ultimate guide to Athens' rooftop bars, where the vibrant pulse of the city meets breathtaking views. Forget ordinary lists, this is an invitation to experience Athens from a whole new perspective as you ascend to these stunning rooftops to discover the soul of the city from above.

Soaring atop the prestigious Hotel Grande Bretagne, the GB Roof Garden embodies rooftop luxury. Savor exquisite Mediterranean cuisine while contemplating panoramic views that capture the essence of Athens. Every moment here is a celebration of sophistication.

GB Roof Garden, Hotel Grande Bretagne Acropolis View
GB Roof Garden

Experience a dining experience that blends myth and modernity at the Electra Metropolis Roof Garden. Sleek and elegant, this rooftop offers breathtaking views of the Acropolis, creating a narrative as captivating as any ancient legend.

Electra Metropolis Athens Acropolis evening view
Electra Metropolis Roof Garden

Just steps from Syntagma Square, Thea Terrace Bar boasts magnificent vistas of the city center, with the iconic Acropolis view taking center stage. This charming terrace open year-round, invites you to relax next to a vertical garden. Indulge in a selection of Greek and Mediterranean dishes, handcrafted cocktails, and a curated wine list.

Thea Terrace Bar Acropolis night View
Thea Terrace Bar

Unwind in the rooftop bar at Dusit Suites Athens, or soak up the sun on comfortable loungers with a refreshing drink in hand. Nestled in the heart of Glyfada on the cosmopolitan Athenian Riviera, this brand new 5-star hotel offers stunning views of the sparkling Saronic Gulf.

Dusit Suites Athens: Rooftop with stunning Athens Rivierra's evening view
Dusit Suites Athens: Rooftop

Perched atop Academias Hotel, Autograph Collection, NYX Rooftop elevates the Athenian dining scene with its chic and glamorous ambience. Panoramic views dazzle from both the stylish indoor seating and the beautiful outdoor terrace. Savor Japanese-inspired dishes alongside expertly crafted cocktails, all while enjoying breathtaking 360-degree vistas. Open nightly, NYX offers a truly unique dining and drinking experience.

NYX Rooftop, Amazing Acropolis night view
NYX Rooftop

Escape the bustling streets below at Ermou 18 Beyond the Horizon. This all-day rooftop oasis features a rustic yet stylish atmosphere, with a mix of low rattan chairs and communal wooden benches. But the true star of the show is the breathtaking panoramic view of Athens, with the Acropolis as a magnificent backdrop. The menu features Mediterranean-inspired cuisine, handcrafted signature cocktails, aperitifs, and a wide selection of premium beverages.

Ermou 18 Beyond the Horizon rooftop with Acropolis night view
Ermou 18 Beyond the Horizon

A stone's throw away from Monastiraki Metro Station, A for Athens offers a stylish stay and a stunning rooftop experience. The recently renovated cocktail bar and restaurant boasts a sleek and minimalist design, but the real highlight is the view. Stand face-to-face with the Acropolis as you take in the sprawling Athens skyline. Open all day, the rooftop menu features Greek flavors in both food and drinks.

A for Athens Cocktail Bar - evening view to Monastiraki square & Acropolis
A for Athens Cocktail Bar

The Athens Capital Center Hotel offers a unique rooftop experience at Mappemonde. Located on the 10th floor, this sophisticated rooftop boasts an elegant dining room and a spacious terrace adorned with comfy lounge sofas. Soak in the incredible views of Athens' rooftops, the Acropolis, and Lycabettus Hill. The rooftop menu invites you on a culinary journey to the heart of the sun-drenched Mediterranean, complemented by a selection of signature cocktails and an impressive wine list.

Mappemonde Restaurant & Lounge with pool and Acropolis views
Mappemonde Restaurant, Bar & Lounge

Just off Monastiraki Square lies Attic Urban Rooftop, a versatile rooftop venue offering coffee, cocktails, and a full restaurant experience throughout the day. Lush greenery and stunning views of the Acropolis, Lycabettus Hill, and much of Attica create a beautiful, bohemian, and sophisticated setting. The menu features a wide range of fresh and global dishes, alongside signature Attic cocktails, craft beers, and highly Instagrammable sunset drinks enjoyed from flower-decorated swings.

Attic Urban Rooftop Bright Acropolis view and flowers
Attic Urban Rooftop

The Artist Athens offers a unique rooftop bar and restaurant experience, featuring not one but two stunning terraces. One terrace is dedicated to sit-down dinners, while the other offers a casual setting for cocktails and bites, all surrounded by spectacular views of the Acropolis and Athens. The rooftop restaurant takes you on a culinary adventure with global delicacies, while the bar offers a more relaxed atmosphere for enjoying innovative cocktails and modern street food.

The Artist Rooftop Bar & Restaurant view from Above
The Artist Rooftop Bar & Restaurant

For a stylish rooftop dining and drinking experience, head to Art Lounge at NEW, perched atop the NEW Hotel just 200 meters from Syntagma Square. Trendy and beautifully designed, the rooftop offers breathtaking 360-degree panoramic views of Athens, including many of the city's historical landmarks. Relax on the al-fresco terrace or unwind in the cozy lounge surrounded by over 2000 art books. Savor delectable Greek and Mediterranean-inspired cuisine alongside a wide selection of drinks, from cocktails to local and international wines.

Art Lounge at NEW with Likavit's view and cityscape
Art Lounge at NEW

Athens' rooftop bars offer an unparalleled blend of breathtaking views, delectable cuisine, and vibrant atmosphere. Whether you're seeking a romantic tête-à-tête, a lively gathering with friends, or a solo escape to soak in the city's magic, these rooftop havens provide the perfect setting. So, ascend to the top, raise a glass, and let the enchantment of Athens unfold before you.

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